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Pet Force is a series of books for young readers. It is a spin-off of Garfield, in which the main animal characters of the comic series are portrayed as comic book superheroes. The action takes place on planet Polyester. 20th Century Fox has released a computer-animated direct-to-video film Garfield's Pet Force and plans several video games based on the Pet Force series.

The StoryEdit

In another universe, one which exists parallel to Garfield's own, a team of five superheroes known as "Pet Force" serve Emperor Jon as protectors of his throne. Ruling the galaxy from the planet Polyester, Jon's reign is constantly opposed by the evil Vetvix. When Vetvix uses a new weapon and strips Pet Force of their powers, and sends them to a ghostly dimension where they will be trapped forever, Jon is forced to have his right-hand man, Sorcerer Binky, use a dimensional portal to find five alternate versions of the heroes to take their place. In Garfield's universe, Pet Force is a best-selling comic book, and when Nermal buys the limited-edition 100th issue, it becomes a portal through which they are pulled into the alternate universe, becoming the new Pet Force. Although they return to their own universe after the initial adventure, they subsequently return to fight Vetvix and other evils when needed.

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